SAMPLE SALE Sea Animals Rust A4 and 11x14"

£5.00 - £7.50
  • SAMPLE SALE Sea Animals Rust A4 and 11x14"

First photo
1 Top Left Colour tones slightly too bright A4
2 Top Right fleck on print A4
3 Bottom Left 11x14" trimmed slightly incorrect
4 Bottom Right A3 Printed off centre and creased

Sample sale information -

What is a sample sale?
A sample sale is a chance to me to sell prints with minor imperfections or flaws at a heavily discounted price. An example of a imperfection could be a creased edge, fleck in the card, printed too light/dark or slightly off centre.
I try my best to photograph and list each sample so you can see what the minor imperfections are. Sample prints are sold as seen and exempt from refunds or exchanges. Turnaround times for any orders containing sample sale products will take up to 10 working days to dispatch.